Ballot Expert has been working in the field of election supplies since 2007 where we bought our first injection molding machine and set out to be the leading supplier of electoral equipment in China.

  • 2017 Kenya Election
    2017 Kenya Election


    Kenya have finished the president election in October 2017 ,it's great that we have beated so many suppliers and won the order to produce more than 4 millions plastic seal and indelible ink pen for this election .

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  • Papua New Guinea
    Papua New Guinea


    2017 Election in Papua New Guinea. Ballot Expert won an opportunity to supply PVC ballot boxes and t shirts for PNG general election and kept the promise delivery the materials on time.

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  • Nigeria Adamawa State Election
    Nigeria Adamawa State Election


    Thanks for Ballot expert company gave us good service and fast delivery . Their professional services and harder working made us receive the goods in advance . We will cooperate with them in the future .​

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  • 2016 Presidental Election at Ghana
    2016 Presidental Election at Ghana


    The presidental election at Ghana will be hold on 7th, Nov. 2016. We are very honored to be the supplier of ballot box, security seal, endorsing ink for this election. Our customer Mr. Tutu who is from Ghana come to China personally to supervise the whole production process.

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  • Chinese and Senegalese People Together
    Chinese and Senegalese People Together


    We are honored to meet with members of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Council of the Republic of Senegal today.

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  • 2016 Australian Election Complete Delivery
    2016 Australian Election Complete Delivery


    Congratulations to the Australian customer election project ends smoothly. And best wish to the election on July 2nd,2016. Choosing ballotexpert means choose on time, high quality and first-class service. Expecting to cooperate with you.

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  • 2019 Nigeria Election Supplies
    2019 Nigeria Election Supplies


    As the largest supplier of Nigerian elections in 2015, Smart Dragon Ballot Expert has already made well preparation to provide related electoral materials in setting up multi-strip production lines, logistics and transportation, etc.

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  • How to choose your plastic security seals?
    How to choose your plastic security seals?


    Plastic security seals, also called disposable seals are made of PP(polypropylene) or nylon materials. It provides high security function in preventing the goods are stolen, changed or modified, which are widely used in Bank , Airline, Express services, Supermarket and Elections. Factories will make special mark on seal body to identify.

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